Aferrate a Tu Historia

Araceli Gonzalez was born and raised in Mexico and immigrated to the US to pursue her diplomatic career. After leaving her family behind she found a new life full of possibilities in Los Angeles. Araceli is a multi-passionate woman with deep enthusiasm for life and the adventure of the new. She defines herself as a multi-passionate creative.

Her desire to become the woman she was created to be has introduced her to many different fields: education, fashion, politics, restaurant, philanthropy, event-planning, financial education and entrepreneurship.

She is currently working on her most recent project, a personal development podcast called Aferrate a Tu Historia, tailored for the Spanish speaking audience. In her podcast, she presents the successful stories of individuals who have built a legacy after the everlasting mastery of their lives. 

How did the idea to create Aferrate a Tu Historia podcast begin?

I had always wanted to create content that could inspire, empower and equip those around me. The more I learn about faith, connection, emotional intelligence, discipline, habits among others , the more eager I became to share that knowledge with my family, friends, co-workers and even strangers at the coffee shop.

One day I asked myself, "If life were perfect, what would you be doing now?" My answer was: "I would be having conversations all day long with friends, family and people that need me to listen to them and I will push them to believe in themselves... I will share the stories I know of people who have overcome the odds and have succeeded to get them inspired and show them they can do it too."

Then the idea of the podcast came about! By creating a podcast, I can share the stories and tools successful entrepreneurs have used and I will be able to reach many more people than I could personally do... I mean how many coffee appointments could I have handled a day, right?!

I also realized that the content I was learning and implementing in my life was not fully available in Spanish so people like my mom and sister who lived in Mexico did not have the resources I was using to change my life. I wanted them to have access to this new world of knowledge I now had access to. 

Why is it important for you to share the stories of other successful entrepreneurs?

I believe that stores of successful entrepreneurs are a clear example of men and women who have taken that leap of faith to go after their dreams (those seeds God has put on their minds and their hearts). Everything in this world was created by an entrepreneur, a visionary a leader!

I strongly believe that being an entrepreneur is the best self-discovery process. A successful entrepreneur overcomes his/her fears, dominates his/her mind, emotions and learns skills that allow him/her to perform and achieve his/her goals. 

I believe it is important to share inspiring rags to riches stories because when successful entrepreneurs own their story and share all the obstacles, traumas, emotional wounds, fears etc.. they had to overcome it creates this connection with the person who is listening to the story and allows him/her to feel a connection which will inspire him/her to believe he/she can do the same. 

What is the best thing that “quarantine” has taught you?

I strongly believe that life is all about perspective! With that being said this #quarantine has become the perfect opportunity to connect with my creator, to align my mind, soul and spirit. I seriously ask myself everyday, "Araceli, are your decisions and actions today reflecting the woman who you want to become after #quarantine?"

I strongly believe that no matter the circumstances of your story you have the power to change your life, thus impact your family and change your community. I aspire to build an educational digital empire, which will transform the lives of many people around the world. My platform bedrocks on the belief that every person was created with a purpose. I believe that by focusing on your unique set of gifts, personality, interests, work-ethic, focus, commitment and most importantly your heart you will step into your greatness.

Araceli Gonzalez

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