My Mother's Wisdom

There's nothing like a mother's advice, even if it takes you years to realize your mom was right all along. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked women across our community to share the best advice they have gotten from their mothers. From sentimental, to faith-based, to funny, we love our moms for their infinite wisdom!

What is the best advice you received from your mom or passed down to your children? Share in the comments!

Stephanie and her mom

Stephanie Saldivar, Spiritú Email Marketing Guru

The best advice my mom has given me was during one of the most stressful moments of my life. At the time, I let my emotions overpower my judgement and it affected all of those around me. My mom found a moment to speak to me and said, "Nunca te estreses por las cosas pequeñas. No tienes tiempo para eso. Siempre mira todo positivamente y sigue adelante." It made me realize that I shouldn't let anything small affect me or my day. Since then, I always think of this moment whenever I feel overwhelmed and I am thankful for every piece of advice she has given me. Love you a ton Mom ♥️

Davina and her mom and stepmom

Davina Ferreira, Spiritú Head of Content + Latin American Partnerships

I am the luckiest girl in the world. Two moms. Double the blessings & the drama!  

My Mom, Catalina Ferreira: I am usually the one giving my mother advice, she calls me her "guru" lol... but, she does always tell me that there is a God to whom everything is possible & not to let anything or anyone bring me down. 

My Stepmom, Diana Gallego: I think her best piece of advice is to always look after my health, be close to God and read the psalm 91 (she taught me to read it when I was a child).

Mikki and her mom 

Mikki Hernandez 

My mom has taught me the joy of continuing to learn even as you get older. She was a young mom but went back to college to earn a degree while I was growing up and continues to learn by gaining her Masters in Education and continues to take classes so she can challenge herself and grow professionally.

Alejandra and her mom

Alejandra Ortiz

My mom has always taught me to not only believe in God but to trust him, and trust the magnificent plans He has for me. 

Mi mamá me ha enseñado no solo a creer en Dios -sino a confiar en Él y en los planes maravillosos que tiene para mi vida.

Jackie and her mom 

Jackie Santamaría 

The best advice from my mom, Fanny Santamaría, has been to go to bed every day giving thanks to God for everything that I am and what I have. Also, she has always told me not to go to bed without washing my face and not to leave in the mornings without applying my sunscreen.

El mejor consejo de mi mamá (Fanny Santamaría) fue acostarme todos los días dándole gracias a Dios por todo lo que soy/lo que tengo. Y también que no me acostara sin lavarme la cara y usar bloqueador en las mañanas.

Jannet and her mom

Jannet Carrera

"One's worth is not related to what one has, but to one's inner values. Always remember your virtues, character flaws and special abilities- since these will be your ways to defend yourself in this road called life." 

“Uno no vale por lo que tiene, si no por los valores que tienes muy dentro de ti. Recuerda que Tus virtudes, defectos y cualidades van hacer las armas que te van ayudar defenderte en el camino de la vida.” - Rosa Elena Carrera

Delia and her mom

Delia Alvarado

For as long as I could remember, mom would advise me of the following: "Never stop learning that education is essential to your growth and don’t depend on anyone to make you happy.” Also, my mother is very simple and her advice has always been very practical so the following sticks out for me more than anything else: 

"When you are sick, use VapoRub,” I know this isn't the best advice or the most insightful, but I have the fondest memories of her saying this as I was growing up. Plus, I can't live w/o my VapoRub or look at this stuff w/o thinking of her and her ALWAYS worrying about my health.

Jennifer Calderon and her mom

Jennifer Calderon

Ever since I was little, my mother always instilled within me the importance of learning and educating oneself. She always said, “What you learn is something no one can ever take away from you.” I carry this lesson with me everyday. I’m constantly making sure I’m learning & challenging myself in new things. Wishing all the Mom’s in the world a wonderful & blessed Mother’s Day 💓

Alma and her mom

Alma Cardenas

Along with being a living example of faith and courage until this day, one of the lessons our mom taught us growing up, which is something we heard constantly from her was, “si quieren encontrar las cosas tienen que salir a buscarlas, las cosas no las van a venir a buscar a ustedes. (if you want to find something in life, you have to go for it and go after it. It is not coming to knock at your door)."

Alexandra and her mom

Alexandra Martinez

If you fall, you get up and continue struggling for your dreams. Never give up! The road of life is hard but you will enjoy its rewards.

“Si te caes, te levantas y sigues luchando por tus sueños, nunca te rindas, el camino será dura pero disfrutarás de la recompensa.” - Mamá, Sandra Castillo 

Natalia and her mom

Natalia Ruiz

The best advice I learned from my mother is that God or the Universe- like I call it- it is always providing and that it is this life force that is so important to help other rise up. My mother is the most powerful woman I have ever met and I am very grateful to have her as my teacher.

Stephanie and her mom

Stephanie Ontiveros

At the end of the day, your heart and happiness is what truly counts and being yourself.

Lorena and her mom

Lorena Leonard

I've received lots of words of wisdom from Mami over the years. But beyond advice, watching her tackle life's hardships head on, with the goal to provide a better future for me and my sisters, has been the most impactful example in my journey. Now, that I'm a mom myself, I'm trying to model this same behavior for my daughters so that they too can build their own grit and resilience -- because I believe, con todo mi corazón, that this is the way to achieve a successful and happy life.  

Lucia and her mom

Lucia Ballas-Traynor

The best piece of advice my mom ever gave me was to keep a career and role that I had worked so hard for. I was going to quit because my son was diagnosed profoundly deaf and I wanted to focus on him full time. She convinced me to use my salary to get him Cochlear Implants and hire experts to help him succeed. I still remained highly involved with his care but did not give up my passions. She was right! I hired the best and my son has exceeded everyone’s expectations.  He was mainstreamed; graduated top of his class from high school and is now graduating from UVA as an Electrical Engineer. He will be working for Northrop Grumman this Summer.

Nina and her mom

Nina Sanchez

My mother is on speed dial for all sorts of advice-- how to handle a fussy sleeper, picky eaters, and potty training. Even then, my mother’s greatest gift to me in my motherhood has not been words. Her gifts have been the freedom to parent how I choose and her unending support as I work to maintain a sense of self-identity through it all. These gifts have been accompanied by a profound mutual adoration. Maybe a raised eyebrow from mom now and then pero... ya saben

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