Sanara Skincare's Rebekah Jasso Jensen

Rebekah Jasso Jensen founded Sanara Skincare with the intention to bring healing to body, mind and soul through plant-based skincare that celebrates indigenous Latin American botanicals. Read about her founder story, entrepreneurial journey, and her natural, therapeutic skincare line that is cruelty free, free of synthetics, meets clean beauty standards and is safe, effective and non irritating, even for sensitive skin.

What was the inspiration behind Sanara Skincare?
Sanará means ‘you will heal’ in Spanish. After more than 15 years of suffering with psoriasis, I decided to take my skincare into my own hands, literally. I wanted to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath & body treatment without worrying the ingredients would irritate my skin. I wanted skincare that I knew was safe & effective. I started researching, creating and testing my own formulas—discovering what would and wouldn’t work for my skin. It’s taken 3 years to take my passion for plant based skincare and create my mission. I wanted to pay homage to my Latin American ancestors, sharing and celebrating the beautiful efficacious botanicals they’ve been using for centuries. And, Sanara was born. Sanara’s natural, therapeutic skincare is cruelty free, free of synthetics, meets clean beauty standards and is safe, effective and non irritating, even for sensitive skin, like mine.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur? The biggest reward?
My biggest challenge has been getting the word out about Sanara. As a completely self-funded solopreneur you’re constantly trying to push that needle and with limited resources you just have to work a little harder. My biggest reward though is the validation that I’m creating amazing products that can stand the test next to any big beauty brand. I love speaking directly to my people, an underserved community that lives life the fullest and doesn’t take no for answer. In 2019 even before I had launched my products and only had lab samples to share I was voted ‘Buyer Favorite’ at the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas, there were buyers from Dillards, Macy’s Nordstrom and to know I was voted by them told me the beauty industry is ready for us. There are so many beautiful ingredients from Latin America and I want to share them, I’m pulling our seat up to the table.


Tell us more about how you created the Bamboo Fiber and Mango Seed Body Polish that's featured in our Spring 2019 Seasonal Box!
Exfoliation should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine so you can uncover and discover your bright beautiful skin! I’ve had Psoriasis since my teens and it’s imperative that I exfoliate to prevent scaling buildup so I wanted to create an exfoliate that was effective but not too harsh, keeping those with skin sensitivities in mind. I wanted to use bamboo fibers for the small granules so you know it’s doing the job and for its sustainability. The celebration of indigenous Latin American botanicals is at the forefront of all my products, so you’ll see Mango butter from Mexico, Cupuaçu butter from South America, Rosehip oil from Chile and Aloe leaf extract. All these ingredients help bring moisture, hydration and soothing qualities for your skin, ingredients our ancestors have been using for centuries.

What can we expect from the other products in your line?
You can expect the same thought process through each and every one of my products. Natural skin therapy to soothe the mind, body and soul. Yerba Maté Bath Soak with healing botanicals for those moments when you need to step away from it all for some self-care in a relaxing bubble bath. Cupuaçu Seed Body Butter when you need extra hydration and Chilean Rosehip Seed Body oil when you need a lighter everyday moisturization and hydration solution.


Why did you want to partner with Spiritú?
I love what Spiritú represents. Showcasing the beautiful minority owned brands and artists that otherwise may not have an opportunity to share their products and art to thousands of women at once. Spritú gives opportunity and I’m honored to be amongst every women that has been represented by Spiritú.

And finally, what does Spiritú mean to you?
Spiritú means community, enrichment and opportunity.

Sanara's COVID-19 Initiative:
Rebekah created the Tranquila Bath Soak Ritual for those moments in life where you have to just step away and heal. In Rebekah's words, "In this unprecedented time of social distancing and major needs, I wanted a way to give back to our healthcare workers that are fighting day and night for us." Learn more about Sanara's initiative to help provide meals for our community's healthcare providers who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe at

Use code SPIRITU for 10% off and a free travel size Chilean Rosehip Seed Body oil with your order at and follow them at @sanaraskincare.

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