Meet Sofia Kazorian

Sofia was born in La Crescenta, California. She's 20 years old, currently attending college, and wants to one day become an attorney. Aside from a job at her art studio, she works at a company that exports luxury cars and also at a law firm twice a week. She has the cutest dog, Truffle, and enjoys traveling, shopping and spending time with her best friend, Julia.

Get to know Sofia better below!

You grew up with both Mexican and Armenian cultures. Tell us more about that!

I attended Armenian preschool and then public elementary, middle school and high school (and took after-school Armenian classes throughout the years). I practiced ballet, tennis, gymnastics and even joined the volleyball team. At 12, I started painting classes at a local art studio and to this day I work at my art studio surrounded by kids, colors and art.

Growing up, my brother and I usually spent 9 months in LA and 3 months in Mexico visiting my grandparents. During summer vacations, we attended a summer camp where we played sports, learned Spanish and travesuras. Christmas holidays were always fun getting together at my great grandma's house with all the familia enjoying delicious food and traditions.

When did your passion for art begin?

It began when I walked inside of Modest Fly Art Studios in 2012.

How does art help you in your life as a young adult, and also during difficult times like what we are currently experiencing?

Art helps me by allowing me to express myself and also calms me down when I really get into it. 

What do you enjoy about being a part of the Spiritú community? 

I love the beautiful messages and stories they post and also the amazing Spiritú boxes! 

Julia with the Spring BoxSofia with the Fall Box

The Spiritú 4

I never leave the house without my
Purse or a wallet and my makeup bag
I most overuse the word or phrase
"like" and "okay babe"
The person I most admire is
My mother, Karla Silva
My Spiritú is
Honest and kind

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