Give Love to Your Skin & The Planet

#Sponsored by Love Beauty and Planet

As we celebrate Earth Month and think about how to nourish our skin and our planet, one brand comes to mind - Love Beauty & Planet. We've partnered with them to celebrate the launch of their NEW Plant-Based Body Wash, made with plant-based cleansers and skincare ingredients. 

Love Beauty & Planet Body Washes

Why do we love them? The body wash formulas are made of 92% naturally derived ingredients, including water, and are 100% biodegradable, so they're not only kind to our bodies, but they're kind to the planet. Rich in lather and beautifully scented, these body washes are infused with skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, Nicinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and reinvigorated.

Love Beauty and Planet Plant-Based Body Washes

You can make the planet "scentsational" right at home, in your shower. Pair one of the five Love Beauty & Planet Plant-Based Body Washes with your favorite unleash your senses for your skin and home. Together, let's celebrate the #smallactsoflove that make the spaces around us - at home, in our communities, and the planet - positively Scentsational.

Check out how we've created our own scentsational space with some of our favorite Latina-owned brands - a Casita Michi candle and Ceremonia Plant Holder!

Scentsational space products

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Miriam Zimms

Love this. How do we buy the box? ☮️💚